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Sustainable Partner Life Cycle Journey

Channel Partner Incubation and Innovation Center: In today's rapidly evolving IT landscape, the approach to technology adoption has undergone a significant transformation. A customer-centric strategy, combined with a committed team adhering to strict timelines, is essential. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating partners with your IT product and solution offerings, extending our capabilities to several other important areas. We at Machwan prioritize data-driven engagement over perception-based methods, ensuring a more effective and targeted approach.


Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating partners into your IT product and solution offerings, extending our capabilities to several other key segments. Our partner onboarding, incubation and innovation process includes:

In-Depth Product and Solution Familiarization:

We ensure a comprehensive understanding of your offerings to align with partner capabilities.


Strategic Partner Mapping:

Our focus is on aligning partners' skills, capabilities, knowledge of market segments, and scalability to optimize outcomes.


Partner Intent Profiling:

We meticulously profile potential partners to align their intentions with your business objectives.


Interactive Product Introductions to partner sales team:

Utilizing webinars, we introduce products in an engaging and informative manner.


Efficient Partner Onboarding Protocol:

Our streamlined process ensures smooth onboarding for new partners.


Comprehensive Partner Team Training Programs:

We provide extensive training to ensure partners are well-equipped to represent your products effectively.


Lead Generation Support to Partner:

Our team assists in lead generation to kickstart the partner's journey.


Customer Enablement Strategies to partner team:

We focus on empowering customers through strategic enablement practices.


Support Throughout the Customer Journey in Initial Phase:

Our involvement extends to providing ongoing support in the customer journey, ensuring a good experience.


Continuous Planning and Machwan Role Definition:

We remain evolved in the plan and our role is crucial to ensure ongoing success and adaptation.


Machwan is committed to empowering our onboarded channel partners, providing them with the necessary tools and support to excel in customer engagement. We focus on fostering a self-sustaining process that ensures long-term success and growth for our partners.