Use your own Data Goldmine and Unleash Business Growth

We will give you real-time Data-driven Insights & Analysis which will assist to redefine your business strategy, locate new business opportunities and keep on building new prospect funnel.

Data connects all of us, all business nodes, and all internal as well external touchpoints to empower your business.


What Do We Do

Machwan Communication & Research is INDIA'S LEADING business intelligence, data management & data analytics company. Established in the year 2005 and have been on an epic ride ever since.

Machwan helps businesses to effectively drive their marketing and sales campaigns by fueling their campaigns with data-driven insights & actions, resulting in increased ROI and time-bound results.

We transform DATA into actionable insights & essential intelligence which is required at every step of the business decisions

Our Key Services

Reach us ! We will help you to reach your Target Customers

You know you need it, but you might not know how to get started and where to start with…

If customers are not aware of your product in the first place, how can you expect them to purchase from you?

Awareness is the basis for any relationship with a brand. Brand awareness and evangelism of products & services is the foundation of forming a relationship with customers and is essential for any business.

Reimagining marketing approaches in the new normal situation ….

Re building blocks through Innovation, Ideation & Concept creation!

Machwan can bring the right opportunities on the table through a systematic marketing approach. The foundation is based on deep research and segmentation.


We help our clients to in transforming industries, markets and customer experience ….

Machwan is ahead of others because of …..

  • Its wider reach
  • Better understanding of business segmentation & value chain
  • Continuous research on business challenges and counter measures
  • Stickiness in customer engagement within various verticals & sub-verticals

Data Privacy, Storage & Protection

Machwan is one of the few market intelligence organizations in the country to adopt 100 % data protection policy well ahead of others in the market . The company acquired ISO certification for data collection and processing in 2017.


Our Clients