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Machwan Communication & Research, headquartered in India's NCR Region, embarked on its journey in 2005 as a prominent Business Intelligence and Consulting firm. Throughout the pandemic, we secured funding and recently received additional funding in 2023 to expand our services to startup ecosystems across the Asia region. This new phase has witnessed remarkable growth for us as we continuously enhance our capabilities.

By integrating extensive data, comprehensive business vertical and cluster intelligence, top-notch information, and consulting expertise, we deliver unparalleled market insights and competitive analysis to our clients. Our robust analytics further strengthen our solutions, empowering clients to make well-informed decisions.

At Machwan, our dedication lies in providing exceptional business intelligence services that enable our clients to thrive in their respective industries. With our focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, we strive to support the growth and success of businesses in the dynamic and competitive market landscape.

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Machwan's ambition drives us to achieve greatness and create meaningful impact in everything we do.


Before starting a campaign

Team Machwan begins by initiating resource planning, scheduling the start and end dates of the campaign, and creating a campaign kick-off plan. We also define the campaign timeline, deliverables, ROI goals, and establish a measurability matrix to track the success of the campaign.


Weekly Campaign Review

Weekly campaign progress and outcome review is a crucial process that we diligently follow for every campaign we undertake. This practice allows us to evaluate the progress and outcomes of our campaigns on a regular basis, ensuring that we stay on track and make necessary adjustments as needed. By reviewing our campaign performance weekly, we can assess the effectiveness of our strategies, identify any challenges or roadblocks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize our future efforts. This iterative approach helps us improve campaign performance, maximize return on investment, and achieve our desired goals.


Reporting and final delivery of campaign

We have consolidated the campaign deliverables, including a comprehensive report and the outcomes achieved. We remain available to support our clients with any post-campaign questions, queries, or requirements within the next 90 days. Our team is ready to provide ongoing assistance and support as needed.

Team Strength

In the current era, business models are rapidly evolving, embracing digital platforms and technology-driven approaches. The focus is on creating genuine and ethical practices, while also prioritizing ROI-driven marketing strategies. As a result, it has become crucial for both new and experienced resources to undergo training to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. This ensures that they can effectively navigate the digital landscape and contribute to the success of the projects/campaigns and business.

Machwan implements a highly structured training process for resource knowledge and skill development. Our team regularly undergoes training sessions led by both internal and external subject matter experts. These sessions focus on data-driven engagement strategies with target segments, ensuring a programmatic approach. To identify and address any weaknesses, we conduct regular scrutinies. Prior to commencing a campaign, we meticulously define the roles and responsibilities of each team member, aligning them with the project's goals and desired outcomes. Through this disciplined approach, Machwan ensures that our team is well-equipped and focused on achieving successful results


  • Machwan is updated and maintains high standards in terms of quality assurance and compliance. Because of this it is certified by multiple agencies.
    • The company is (TRAC) – Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification in 2019
    • The company has acquired ISO certification for data collection and processing in 2017

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