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Cluster Based Deep Dive

This is a rigorous exercise done within deep pockets of a city usually business clusters and up to a Pin Code Level. Machwan uses granular level of research and analytics to interpret and communicate meaningful data and conduct successful marketing campaigns.

Scope of Our Services
  • Reports
  • SMB database with selected points
  • Recommendation
  • Machwan can deploy feet on street (optional)
  • Lead funnel and conversion (optional)

Machwan provides the following value additions to the Cluster programs
  • Provide cell to cell information of the organizations (e.g. technology adoption, IT budget, trends, customer requirements, gap analysis etc.)
  • Flexibility of using custom data points
  • To increase reach
  • Developing messages and content
  • Deploying correct channel partners, feet on street and resources for better access and feedback of the prospects & customers
  • Fixing pocket-wise revenue targets
  • CIO/CFO Survey
  • Quick ROI