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End to end consulting

Machwan believes in a holistic approach for improvement of its customers’ standing. By focussing on the bigger picture, we ensure that you don’t just get scattered improvements but overall a better business.

Machwan's range of business services has extended beyond market campaigns to a full-fledged customized business intelligence solution. Robust processes, expert teams with years of experience and proficiencyin specific service areas, along with continuous training and development programs have helped Machwan deliver effective accurate qualitative information, on time.

Machwan's adherence to quality has won appreciation by big brands for contributing to critical surveys.

Machwan promises quality and value additions to its client in the following areas:

  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Forecasting – Penetration, Investment, Sizing and Driver Analysis
  • Competition Tracking (Price, Product & Market Strategy)
  • Brand Awareness and Perception
  • Validation, Concept and Price Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Management
  • Market Entry, GTM /RTM Strategies
  • CIO/CFO Survey
  • Merger & Acquisition support